Cloud Services

At techConvergencewe understand that building a strategy to reconstruct IT environments and application platforms to take advantage of the cloud environment requires more than flipping a switch in the data center. The Cloud expands on the value of a virtualized infrastructure by providing fully automated or scheduled provisioning processes, security assurances in complex regulatory environments, and flexible business terms

Our team at techConvergence can help you determine the best cloud computing services, deployment models (Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). and strategy(Public | Private |Hybrid Cloud) for utilizing cloud computing in your organization and then develop and execute a plan to meet your goals.

To avoid any locking to specific Virtualization Vendors TechConvergence therefore provides a unified virtualization layer which  sits on-top of each Virtualization technology and conforms them within the TechConvergence  server.

Use a Single Management Console to Manage and Provide Cloud and Datacenter Services:

  • Public Clouds ( Amazon / RackSpace / any cloud with API)
  • Private Clouds (VMware / Citrix XenServer / KVM / Xen)
  • Physical Resources (Windows / Linux )
  • Cloud Migration ( P2V / V2V / V2P)

Via this unified virtualization layer openQRM supports seamless migration from physical systems to virtual machines(P2V), from virtual machines back to physical systems (V2P) and also the migration from Virtualization technology A toVirtualization technology B (V2V).

We leverage the best practices for developing architecture for auto-scaling and deployment optimization that ensures authentication and security

Key Benefits

  • Free your business from all I.T. concerns
  • Enjoy state-of-the-art network design and performance with low capital costs
  • Deploy new systems in hours instead of days
  • Scale up or down quickly and easily
  • Ensure fast, secure, application and data access from anywhere
  • Control I.T. expenses by paying only for what you use
  • Enjoy best available security and user support

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Design and Consulting
  • Cloud Build - Public | Private | Hybrid | Cloud in a Box Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery to the Cloud  | Cloud Bursting
  • Cloud Data Backup and Recovery Services
  • Cloud Storage Services
  • Cloud Application Hosting Services | Auto Scaling
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Virtualisation and VDI

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